The Key Differences between a Mortgage Broker Vs Bank

Mortgage brokers are financial experts that specialise in connecting their clients with the most affordable and fairest home loan deals available. Banks on the other hand are some of the largest financial agencies in the world and as a result, they are typically in a position to lend money to those in need – especially where buying a house is concerned.

There are some instances whereby a potential borrower might not want to approach a lender directly and may prefer to do so with the aid of a mortgage broker. In the mortgage broker vs bank situation, the truth is that both options can offer their own sets of benefits and drawbacks, so being sure that you pursue the right option can be the most beneficial.

For example, when hiring a mortgage brokering company it may be worth noting that most will offer features relating to the comparison of interest rates, as well as for negotiations, to ensure that the borrower receives the most affordable deal available. There’s also the option to have a broker take care of the technicalities and get to grips with the different terms and conditions proposed by banks.

And what about going directly to a bank?

On the other hand, there can be several benefits of approaching a bank directly and these can include a reduced fee (which may be needed when hiring a broker) and the option to talk to a home loan officer one on one. In comparison however, these advantages are fairly minimal, especially as the potential to save a substantial amount of cash throughout the duration of a mortgage can be so much more substantial with a broker.

It’s also worth noting that most brokers will be able to address loan officers on a one on one basis, eliminating the need for a potential borrower to trouble themselves in favour of simply pursuing the most ideal type of home loan.