Some property owners might never ever re-finance while others may re-finance frequently. This is a choice which is mostly a matter of personal choice. Sure there are some financial benefits which might result from re-financing but for some homeowners these benefits are unworthy the hassle of going through a mortgage re-finance. For these homeowners the quantity of savings general or the opportunity to decrease monthly payments is just not worth the effort of investigating the re-financing options, window shopping for lenders and paying closing expenses to get a re-finance

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Truck Finance Online – Whether you’re an individual in need of a new truck to transport your products, or if you’re keen to add to your fleet but don’t quite have the finances to do so – our team at Tundra are here to help. We offer solutions to assist with obtaining truck finance online and as your application can be handled digitally, you could sit back and relax without having to do more than lift a finger. We offer a variety of solutions including a finance and operating lease, a chattel mortgage and commercial hire purchase for those eligible. To learn more about how our team could help, get in touch today.


Melbourne Dilapidation Reports – Whether you’re a new home owner, part of a government development project, or involved in commercial constructions; At Melbourne Dilapidation Reports, we pride ourselves on offering effective, reliable evaluations to our clientele. For years now, we’ve investigated a range of structural conditions; including generating reports for house demolition, digging and excavation, boring, earth compaction and much more. Our clients come to us when they’re in need of an officially recognised report. We are able to assist, advise and provide information on the condition, impact and consequences of building conditions. We’d love to help you today, too.